Why follow Jesus?

We all fall short of moral perfection. When we mess up, the weight of guilt and shame makes it even harder to rise above our failure and experience true inner peace. Deep inside, we long to set it in order, but feel powerless. Because we are. It’s the human story.

Failure is sin. Sin separates us from our creator, our Heavenly Father. Sin keeps us from experiencing the fullness of His presence and experiencing the peace He intends for our lives.

The GOOD part of Good Friday… is that Jesus paid the price to cover for our failure, by giving Himself on The Cross. As Jesus was about to die, at THREE O’CLOCK He lifted His voice and said “It is finished!” That phrase is translated from the Greek word Tetelestai, which also was an accounting term commonly used in that day to mean, “Paid in full.”

The core reality of what happened at the cross on Good Friday… is that Jesus took the weight of our sin, our failure… and paid to set it all back in order. We don’t have to be perfect to experience our Heavenly Father’s approval and enjoy His presence. Jesus reaches across the expanse from heaven to earth with one arm in each realm and invites us to come, and cross the chasm on the bridge of His love. The peace of your new life in Christ can begin today.

Ready to Start?

Pray this simple prayer.

Lord Jesus, I recognize my need for you. Thank you for what You did on the cross, for looking straight at my sin and saying “Paid in full.” I want to follow you. I invite you to be the central focus of my life. Teach me to be like you, as I learn to follow you. I receive your free gift of eternal life right now, in this moment. Amen.

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