What People Are Saying


“They took me straight into the Throne Room.”

-Dennis, Ohio


“I’ve never heard anything like this. Transporting!”

-Ashley, Canada


“Listening to THREE O’CLOCK SESSION is like opening the door and inviting God inside your home. The Glory comes as soon as they start playing! So blessed to have had the privilege to listen to them.”

-Lesa, Wisconsin


“I had one of the most defining worship experiences of my life while worshiping with you guys at the Sept. conference in Peru. It was a transforming life encounter and it’s permanent.”

-Barry, Florida


“As I listened to rest with my eyes closed, I sensed the peace of God. Then I listened to it again and watched the beautiful landscape which accompanied the music, and another level of rest and peace came. Then I listened again, and before I knew it, I was asleep. Thank you, Dave, Donna, and Wes. This is an answer to prayer.”

-Gary, Illinois


“Music from the Throne.”


“I play your music every morning during my morning worship” 

-Carolyn, Bloomington, IL


“Excited to worship in my car and home with the sound of Heaven’s worship, just a hint… a whisper.” 

-Sheri, De Pere, WI


“Angelic music.” 

-Kathy, Davenport, Iowa


“Like listening to heaven.” 

-Steve, Tiverton, Rhode Island



-Evelyn, Peoria, Illinois


“When Donna Jaree Brooks sings, all my anxiety melts away.”

-Brian, Peoria, Illinois


“Their music, their worship pierces the darkness, bringing God’s glory and light.”

-Tom, Peoria, Illinois


“Your worship brings His Presence.”

-Janie, North Carolina


“I felt such a spiritual connection to the type of worship that you do that is a strong ‘Holy Spirit heaven’s presence flow.’ With your music, I sense I can flow with where my calling begins to be activated in the Spirit.”



“The moment you started the worship I felt the tangible presence of the Lord. Thank you so much for the powerful worship to guide us into Father’s heart.”

-Grace, Redding, California


“The Glory of God came into the service, and I experienced for myself that there is truly healing in His glory.”

-Karlien, South Africa


“Heaven fills the room when this family leads worship. God’s presence is the focus. Their music has an otherworldly quality to it that draws the heart to the throne of God.”

-Larry, Princeville, Illinois


“My gratitude for you and your global worship ministry has been far beyond my earthly vocabulary, even in my original language.”



“I was truly blessed by your ministry in music. The presence and Glory of the Lord became real. Thank you.”



“Your worship has blessed me so much. I’ve never experienced something like this. Thank you, it’s incredible.”

-Reena, South Africa


Brookfield, WI


“Thank you for leading us into the presence of God!” 
-Ricardo, Joliet, IL


“Thanks for helping us enter into a realm so…! Amazing music!” 
-Laura, Peoria, IL


“I’ve been looking for music like yours. So glad!” 

-Deanna, Peoria, IL


“I sense angels singing with you.” 

-Michelle, Pekin, IL


“Bringing heaven to earth!” 

-Debra, Princeville, IL


“You sounded like music from heaven. Uniquely awesome!!!” 

-Terry, Troy, IL


“Dios resplandesca sii rostro sobre usteds (God shines brightly on you).”

-Jao, Chula Vista, CA


“Glorious worship—Heaven came down!”

-Betty, Ft. Wayne, IN


“Love your voice!! Atmosphere of God!”


“I love the purity of your worship.”

-Carol, Bloomington, IL


“The music was beyond beautiful and I cannot wait to hear more.” 

-Addie, Ft. Madison, IA

-Beulah, Sugarloaf, CA


“Love, love the music!!” 

-Twila, Ft. Madison, IA


“Amazed by the anointing of the worship team. It is like hearing angels sing.”
-Nania, Stickney, IL


“Anointed, pure sound.”

-Arlan, Fergus Falls, MN


“Awesome anointed worship.” 

-Jeanne, Sturgeon Bay, WI


“Love your music! Very uplifting!” 

-Barb, Green Bay, WI


“Loved your ‘next level worship!'” 

-Cheryl, Hartland, WI

“Beautiful. Godly. Lovely.” 

-Anthonia, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you! Keep flowing like fire!”

-Sherry, Zephyr Cove, Nevada

“Can’t wait to hear more of what God is releasing through each of you!!! Very anointed!!!” 

-Kim, Oshkosh, WI


-Cynthia, Madison, WI

“Awesome anointing on the music! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!”

-Craig, Fond Du Lac, WI


“Very anointed!” 

-Debbi, Groveland, IL


“Your music ushers me into heavenly encounters. Thank you, Jesus!”

-Nida, Chicago, IL


“You are very anointed!!” 
-Ce Ce, Lockport, IL


“Beautiful, angelic voice.”

-Debra, Durham, MO


“I appreciate the anointing on your ministry. Totally all glory to the King of Kings.” 

-Barb, Bradley, IL


“Thank you for bringing the Presence of the Lord in the service.” 

-James, Milwaukee, WI


“Love the music and want to pass on to other pastors and ministries.” 

-Karen, St. Peters, MO


“So blessed by the anointing God has given you.”

-Carla  Belleville, IL


“Wonderful, anointed worship!”

-Jenny  Tampa, FL


“Thank you for this worship that takes us into the heavenlies.”

-Laura  Peoria, IL


“Such anointing on your music.” 

-Ruth, Pevely, MO


“Heavenly music!”

-Ginger, Dunlap, IL


“Love your hearts for Jesus and your music is so beautiful and anointed.”

-Laura, Keokuk, Iowa


“So blessed by your music and your joy and the flow of the Holy Spirit that runs through you.”

 -Emily   De Pere, WI


“Beautiful music, sitting in heaven.” 

-Ruth   Sparland, IL


“Love your music!”

-Gerri   Lenexa, KS