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  • Note: We’re available to speak as well as lead worship for your event. We love times of extended worship, where people experience God’s Presence and the Holy Spirit ministers in power and peace. In these times there is often a prophetic flow.
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    In order to best serve you and provide a sonic experience to support an atmosphere of high praise/worship, 3OS will need to provide audio engineering and sound equipment. For home gatherings and venues up to 800 seats, we prefer to provide all sound reinforcement gear. For larger venues, let’s talk through how we can integrate our system into yours.
    I understand that submission of this form does not confirm participation of THREE O’CLOCK SESSION for any events. I also agree that this event will not be recorded in audio/video and made available for sale, streaming, or distribution without prior discussion and consent from THREE O’CLOCK SESSION. Thank you for expressing interest in welcoming us to your event! We’ll be in touch with you soon to talk things over further. Looking forward!