Leave the stress of Earth life behind.
Enter into an intimate, transforming session with your Creator,
the One who knows and loves you like no other.

What We Do

–  We lead worship for services and conferences

–  We lead special “Presence” gatherings for times of worship & healing

–  We bring messages to stir hunger for God, experiencing more of His power & peace

In worship, we experience the realm of Heaven intersecting with the realm of this life on Earth. Worship welcomes the entry of the King into our heart space and His Kingdom rule into the circumstances of our lives.

Our goal in worship is. . . CONTINUE READING


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Listening to THREE O'CLOCK SESSION is like opening the door and inviting God inside your home. The Glory comes as soon as they start playing! So blessed to have had the privilege to listen to them.
Like listening to heaven.
Rhode Island
The moment you started the worship I felt the tangible presence of the Lord. Thank you so much for the powerful worship to guide us into Father's heart.
Your anointed worship lifts us into the courts of Heaven before the Presence of the King.
North Carolina

Who We Are

Through worship and speaking in churches, conferences and special gatherings, our passion is leading people into God’s presence—to experience His power, and know His peace.

Songs written by Donna Jaree Brooks are rooted in prophetic worship, also drawing from clinical experience working with hurting individuals as a psychotherapist (LCPC). Her songs have been recorded by Legacy 5, Doug Anderson, Grammy-nominated recording artist Karen Peck & New River and many others. In addition to THREE O’CLOCK SESSION recordings, she contributed vocally and played keyboards on Altar Fire, a spontaneous, contemplative worship experience recorded with Kevin Zadai, released in 2020.

For many years, Dave managed WCIC, a Dove Award-winning Christian music radio station serving Central Illinois. A fourth generation ministry leader/speaker, he has more than 20 years of experience as an on-air personality. Prior to radio, Dave traveled full-time in music ministry across the United States and also in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China. He enjoys consulting and is trained as a leadership coach.

Wes desires to explore the wonders of life and the glory of God through creativity. Alongside music, he is involved in filmmaking and is nearing completion of his university studies, majoring in English & Writing. He loves his friends, family and being a part of the Body of Christ in ministry.

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