“Rest” Extended Single Release

This year has been such a year of unrest. On this Thanksgiving Day, we’re so grateful we can experience a rest through Jesus that’s greater than all the world’s unrest.

Jesus is saying, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

We invite you to allow this recording to escort you into God’s gift of rest. Get into a quiet place free from distraction. Allow what He speaks to replenish your soul as you take in each word from Jesus. Let Him lift tension. Let Him carry your anxious thoughts. Deeply breathe in His love. Allow times of resting in His Presence to bring change—for the rest of your life.

Experience Israel 2021

We’d love for you to experience Israel with us!

April 19-29, 2021

Registration extended until Jan. 20

We’ve worked extensively with the Center for Holy Land Studies and Dr. Tracy Paino over the past several years. There’s no one I’d trust more to create a rich, safe, meaningful and educational trip of a lifetime. I believe experiencing Israel will forever change how you’ll interact with the Bible and deeply enrich your relationship with the Lord.
-Dave Brooks

Pricing, Itinerary, FAQ, trip registration and more info about the trip hosting service is provided by the Center for Holy Lands Studies at

Sea of Galilee

Clip from “Altar Fire”

We can experience God’s presence today because of all Jesus accomplished for us that first Easter weekend!

Click here for the 4 minute clip from Altar Fire, a spontaneous worship album we recorded with Kevin Zadai in the New Orleans area, October 2019. I sing vocals and play keyboard. Dave plays bass and Wes is on cajon. Kevin sings vocals and plays keyboard, Celtic flute and cello.

We pray you’ll experience peace in His presence as you listen and draw close to Jesus through worship this Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Easter!
~Donna Jaree Brooks

What’s So Good About Good Friday? (The Meaning of Three O’Clock Session)

THREE O’CLOCK SESSION is rooted in what took place on the first Good Friday, when Jesus lifted His voice and cried, “It is finished!” This video unpacks the meaning behind our name. I also offer some personal reflections on several amazing things which happened that afternoon AT THREE O’CLOCK… and changed the course of history.

Good Friday, 2020

“Glory” Extended Single Release

This song was born out of a time of personal worship. I kept the lyric simple—as a continual wash in God’s GLORY and GOODNESS—crying out for even more of Him. If you have 11 minutes for a time of contemplative worship, my prayer is that “GLORY” will transport you beyond the cares of this world into His Presence, where there is peace.

We recorded this at home. I sing vocals and play keyboard. Dave plays bass and engineered. Wes plays cajon and produced the video. We need you, Lord! ❤

~Donna Jaree Brooks

Cross the Bridge of Worship

While our family was facing a life-threatening health crisis several years ago, a friend prayed for us, then said: “WORSHIP WILL BECOME THE LAND BRIDGE YOUR FAMILY WILL WALK ACROSS INTO HEALING.” That’s exactly what happened.

Something profound takes place when you experience some of the hardest stuff life can bring, and you just—continue—to—worship. God comes near. We are transformed in His Presence.

As we share our music and thoughts here, THREE O’CLOCK SESSION would like to invite you to take the journey across the bridge of worship with us… into a realm where the constraints of life are left behind. Enter into an intimate, transforming session with your Creator… the One who knows and loves you like no other.

Click here to read our full story.