“We Are One (John 17)” Single Song


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The deepest longing in the heart of Jesus is for us to experience the same oneness with Him which He experiences with the Father. The Lord wants us to see His glory and be where He is—personally and with each other—as one.

While worshiping in God’s presence one day, I began hearing a melody in my heart which seemed to just drop down from heaven. I felt such a deep connection with Jesus in that moment. I knew He had a special lyric for this melody and I began to seek Him about it. What did He want to say?

Sometime later, on a flight to Israel while reading John 17, my spirit leaped within me. Our intimacy with Him and unity in the body of Christ matter more to Him than anything. John 17, verses 20-26 lets us listen in on the burning prayer of His heart during the final hours with His disciples before the crucifixion. I began to craft the lyric on that flight and knew that this was the right message for this melody.

We pray this song will help lift your spirit to that place above everyday cares where you’ll encounter His glory and experience growing oneness with Jesus.

May the rising tide of God’s glory bring reconciliation and healing to our splintered world. May we experience spiritual awakening first within ourselves, and then with each other.

We Are One.

~Donna Jaree Brooks

Music & lyrics ©2017 Donna Jaree Brooks
Keyboards & vocals: Donna Jaree Brooks
Guitars, bass, & programming: Dave Brooks
Cajon: Wes Brooks
Produced by Dave & Donna Jaree Brooks
Engineering & mix: Dave Brooks
Mastering: Aaron Trimble

℗©2022 So Grateful Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by federal law.

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