What We Do


– We lead worship for services and conferences


– We lead special “Presence” gatherings for times of worship & healing


– We bring messages to stir hunger for God, experiencing more of His power & peace

In worship, we experience the realm of Heaven intersecting with the realm of this life on Earth. Worship welcomes the entry of the King into our heart space and His Kingdom rule into the circumstances of our lives.


Our goal in worship is to enter the Holy of Holies, coming boldly before the throne of Grace (Hebrews 4:16). We express our love to the Lord and receive His love in our hearts (II Thes 3:5), experiencing times of refreshing in His Presence (Acts 3:19).


We’ve seen the weightiness of God’s Glory bring healing, salvation, and freedom during meetings, even before anyone extends an invitation for prayer. From joyous celebration to times of holy hush when we don’t want to move. He invites us into new places with Him, as we behold Jesus and linger in His Presence.


When we gaze into Glory during worship (Acts 7:55-56), the Lord often leads us into the spontaneous and prophetic. Powerful new songs can come from these times. Manifestations of the Holy Spirit flow as the Presence of the Lord brings a shift in the atmosphere.


Several ministers we’ve worked with have told us they see us as modern day “worshipers in the Tabernacle of David” (1 Chron 23:5). Others have told us what we do can best be described as “Throne Room” music.


Songs written by Donna Jaree combine the craftsmanship of an accomplished songwriter (national radio airplay) with her passionate love for the Lord and heart for people. Her extensive experience as a psychotherapist (LCPC) equips her with a sensitivity for where people are. It all comes together in her writing room when she sits at the piano and meets with the Lord.


Jesus did what He saw the Father do (John 5:19). He spoke what He heard the Father speak (John 8:26). While singing and playing keyboard, Donna listens intently for direction with her spirit to sense what the Lord is doing in the moment. Dave and Wes have an uncanny knack for following as they join in with prophetic expression on their instruments (1 Chron 25:1). Rarely is a song ever done the same way twice.


Notes, words, sounds, textures… All are powerful tools to help bring Heaven’s reality closer as the Holy Spirit leads. Three O’Clock Session travels with studio quality audio gear, providing a rich, immersive sonic experience to support an atmosphere of high praise & worship. People often tell us the sound at our events has a pristine, other-worldly, transporting quality.


We want to rise above the pull of Earth’s gravity and noise as our spirits soar with Jesus in heavenly realms (Eph 2:6). He leads us beyond the cares of life as we enter into an intimate, transforming session with our Creator—the One who knows and loves us like no other.


We bow in worship.


We arise in His power and His peace.


We’re changed in His Presence.